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If you are like a majority of people, the chances are that you are looking for a product that can help boost your energy to enable you to handle your day to day operations, alleviate your fatigue and improve your overall performance. Most of the products available in the market today only provide a short-term solution, and there are filled with harsh ingredients that can be harmful to your health. However, the good news is, Microlife Energy provides you with the long term natural solution you have always been looking for.


“Appreciate Natural, Sustained Microlife Energy from Vasayo:

No Harsh Stimulants, Jitters, or Crash: Most vitality items contain cruel fixings that create butterflies, smashing, and other disagreeable impacts. MicroLife Energy contains normal elements for satisfying yet detectable vitality bolster.


Features and Benefits

– Enjoy Natural and Sustained Energy

Unlike most products in the market today that help in supplying the brain with energy, Microlife Energy is a combination of healthy nutrients that provides the body with a feel good, sustained energy to enable you to have a fruitful day and exceed your expectations.

– Enhances Your Metabolic efficiency

Microlife Energy is comprised of scientifically proven nutrients that help in optimizing the body cells metabolic efficiency, thus enhancing energy output and the overall performance.

– Elevate Adaptogenic Activity

This gel is made up of some ingredients like Rhodiola that has adaptogenic properties. These are the properties that helps the body with the environmental imbalances, which brings about low energy and fatigue while promoting relaxation.

– Helps in Maintaining Cardiovascular Function and Healthy Circulatory System

Microlife Energy has the ability to deliver its scientifically proven ingredients throughout the whole body, and this includes the brain. This supports proper blood circulation and oxygenation for utmost energy metabolism.

– Your Body’s Cellular Energy Centres

The key to normal energy and vitality is healthy cells. Energy and vitality provide the body with powerful antioxidant system support, which helps to protect the body cells from free radical damage.

– Won’t Exhaust Adrenals

The use of harsh energy products and constant stimulation can lead to adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is depletion of vital hormones that are responsible for governing the metabolism, brain and more. The healthy ingredients present in Microlife Energy assists in replenishing the adrenals, not exhaust them.

– No Harsh Jitters, Stimulants, or Crash

A majority of energy products available on the market do contain some harmful ingredients that produce crashing, jitters and other undesirable effects. Microlife Energy is made up of natural ingredients that are proven to have pleasing yet noticeable energy support.



† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or disorder. As with all dietary supplements, take the advice of your physician prior to use of this product. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician prior to use.

Vasayo Company is a registered company that specifically deals with solutions delivery. Recently was the grand opening ceremony in Las Vegas, United States of America (USA). Vasayo is a company that is committed to helping you and Vasayo team members in achieving the most desired success. The co-founders of Vasayo Company are Dallin Larsen and Karee Larsen. This two works with a group of team members; Daniel Picou and Dan Zhu. The executive team is made of threes strong personalities; the Chief Operations Officer is Fred Black, vice president of marketing communication is Brian Gill, and the vice president of production education is Michelle Lesueur. The company is built on strong mission and vision. The list products that Vasayo offer include;

Microlife Neuro

The brain is the center of the body activities. Microlife Neuro is produced in such a way that it has the ability to boost the power of the brain. This helps in tackling activities such as cognitive functioning and even memory. The wholesale price for this product is $63.95. The main and major ingredient of this product is Citicoline. This is responsible helps in controlling mood and mental energy. The benefits of this product include; it reduces brain fog, boosts the energy of the brain, and even improving the memory function of the brain. The prescription is one capsule in a day.

Microlife Energy

The second product in the list is Vasayo Microlife Energy . Just like the name it is responsible for boosting general energy to tackle everyday activities. It is made up of an ingredient that enables provision of natural energy. The most adorable benefits are; provides constant replenishing of the adrenals. It also helps in the cardiovascular function of the heart to pump blood throughout the body. If you need enough energy to tackle your day then this product is the best for you. Its main ingredient is Guarana. The wholesale price is $49.95. The formula to use is to shake well and then take two sprays.

Microlife Core Essentials

This product is all about nutrition. It is true that even those who follow the best diet do not meet the required amount of nutrients. This product helps in maintaining the nutrient bioavailability. The best benefits of this product include; it ensures that the nutrition gap is filled. This is due to the fact everyone suffers a deficiency. It also offers the strong initial stages of development.

This product is rich in Vitamin D which is very important for the immunity of the body. The usage is by taking one capsule every day. The wholesale price is $49.95.

Microlife Renew

In our everyday live we expose our health to various dangers. This leads to deterioration of our body’s ability to function. These threats are also toxic. Microlife Renew helps by restoring the lost cells and also our joint function. Microlife Renew comes with benefits such as protecting our bodies from free harmful radicals. This product is capable of preventing the breakdown of cells and tissues. It also restores the immunity of the body if it happens to deteriorate. The price of this product is $49.95. The prescriptions are shaking well and take two sprays. The main ingredient is Curcumin.

Microlife Sleep

The absence of sleep is a common encounter to many. It could be due to a lot of work, stress, or you just don’t feel like sleeping. Enough sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy living. Microlife Sleep is helping you to catch up with the sleep and have experience of a healthy sleep. It comes with a lot of benefits; provides restful sleep taking care of habits. Microlife sleep makes you get ready and have a good sleep. It also enhances a good sleep that will make you wake up for the next day ready and greatly energized. Microlife Sleep helps in relaxing the mind and getting the body to sleep. The main ingredient is melatonin produced naturally in the brain. The wholesale price is $49.95. On how to use Microlife Sleep is by taking four sprays before bedtime.

The Vasayo Company has gone great steps in offering benefits. The benefit of this company is evident in their number of products. They have a wide range of products, like Microlife Energy. These products have resulted to various strong healths. Their products are cheap and available. Vasayo Company has helped many people become successful.

Read one of our reviews:

Finding the right energy gel is never as easy as it may sound.

We get so many opinions from friends and colleagues, and with a wave of information, people face overwhelming options when purchasing. You are not certain that whatever you will buy will work for you, even after someone has claimed it is amazing.

Our bodies are different, right? Everyone wants the best, and that’s why Microlife Energy Gel with Liposomes technology has been developed.

Unlike the short-lived, caffeine driven energy obtained from other energy gels, Microlife Energy Microgel applies the Liposome technology to present over 90% of the nutrients into the body, enabling you to experience more productive and higher energy levels.

This completely can improve your daily performance.
Liposomes Technology is the science behind it all. This is where Vasayo’s Microlife Energy becomes unique amongst the rest in the market. Liposomes Technology. Other products are made from ingredients that are not completely absorbed into our bodies. They are combined with binders, fillers, amongst other additives which are not recognized by the body. In fact, as little as 20% is absorbed as the rest goes to waste.
With Liposomes Technology, natural materials that are recognized by the body are used to make the Liposomes. Liposomes are spheres or bubbles that have two layers. They comprise fats which protect nutrients by surrounding it. These liposomes shield the nutrients from obstructions by digestive fluids and enzymes and are smoothly absorbed into the blood stream. Because of this minimized waste, the body will absorb most of the nutrients, resulting in a 95% absorption rate.